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There is a saying in Judaism, L'dor v'dor, which means, “from generation to generation,” when translated to English. Typically, it is understood to mean the transmission of the culture's values, rituals, traditions, and history to the next generation.

While designing and knitting the Generations Shawl, I spent my time thinking of the things we pass down from one generation to the next – the things that have been passed down to me, and those I am passing down myself. 

I thought of the cookbook that my cousin Jenna made for my Bridal Shower filled with secret family recipes, including some in my Grandma Faye’s own handwriting. I thought of my Aunt Arlene who taught me how to crack an egg to help make her famous matzoh ball soup. I thought of my Mom and her favorite chocolate cake we’d make from scratch on rainy days and snow days … she always let me lick the batter from the bowl after we put it in the oven.

And I thought of younger generations in my family. Especially my niece Audrey, who always looks forward to baking Funfetti cupcakes together when I visit, and is my youngest knitting student at only 6 years old!




Helpful Videos 

Video 1:
About the Shawl by Jessica Ays

Video 2:

Reading the Charts by Jessica Ays

Video 3:
Long-Tail Cast-On by Jessica Ays

Video 4:
Row 1 - placing markers, m1L (make 1 left) by Jessica Ays

Video 5:
Row 2 - Knitting the Wrong Side Rows by Jessica Ays

Video 6:
Row 3 - Watch the m1L (make 1 left) one more time by Jessica Ays



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