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Dumpling Bag



When attending Vogue Knitting Live this January (a wonderful experience after a 2-year pandemic hiatus), I marveled at the adorable dumpling bags made with fabric by the talented vendors.

Being much more handy with yarn and knitting needles than with a sewing machine, I set out to design a knitted version of the dumpling bag. They are so much fun to make, I've knitted four already:

  • The cream sample shown above;
  • A version in sage green, also using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool Aran;
  • A version using one ball of Louisa Harding Pittura, held doubled; and
  • A version using recycled sari silk yarn I'd picked up at Crafts Bits n Pieces in Fairport, NY.

Each bag has its own personality. Some are sleek and simple, others are begging for embroidery (tutorial videos to come!) But they're sturdy and portable and will attract all sorts of compliments wherever you go.


Helpful Videos 

Video 1: 
Setup Row for Body of Bag - Wrap & Turn
by Kari Capone

Video 2:
Mattress Stitch the Handles
by Kari Capone

Video 3: 
Seam the open ends of the handles closest to the bag
by Kari Capone

Video 4:
Transfer Stitches to DPNs
by Kari Capone

Video 5: 
Whip Stitch the live stitches to the opposite side of the bag
by Kari Capone

Need Help? 

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