Let's take a journey

This morning at the breakfast table, I paged through the latest issue of Entrepreneur magazine. 

The Editor's letter caught my eye, especially the last few lines (emphasis mine:)

"This is what it means to build something,

whether it's a career or a company or anything else.
You are living one part of a much larger story --
some parts incredible, some parts regrettable,
some parts forgettable, and with many of the best parts yet to come.
So when you are feeling lost, or frustrated, or embarrassed that you aren't where you'd like to be, step back and remember: 

You are on an unseeable path, but that doesn't mean you're not on a path.

You have already gone far. Everything next is progress.

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  • Beautiful ❤️🧶 I really needed to hear that right now! Thank you for all you do to go the extra mile!

    Angela Girod

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