How to ship over $80k worth of yarn to New Jersey

My son Andrew said, "Mom, don't drive home from Nebraska."

I'd just agreed to purchase over $80k worth of yarn from a high-end yarn shop, to sell at The Spinning Hand and to include in our knitting subscription boxes.

"Check out Fed Ex," Andrew continued. "It's going to be so much cheaper than renting a U-Haul, plus you need to pay for gas, and all your time, and staying overnight in motels."

"How did you get so smart?" I asked him.

"I love logistics!" he answered. 😊

That conversation saved me over 20 hours of driving time, and more than $1000.

Now I had to figure out which carrier was best. According to their freight calculator, the maximum number of boxes Fed Ex will pick up is 40. That led to the question, how many boxes does it take to store $80,000 worth of yarn?

Stack of cardboard boxes

The answer is 33!

My very obliging seller carefully packed the yarn and provided the dimensions for each of 33 boxes. Today, I'm going to purchase 33 UPS labels (as there's not a big hurry, I can ship UPS Ground) and email them to her. The big haul will be picked up Thursday and delivered next week.


Stay tuned for the big reveal, and more unboxings than you've ever seen in one place!

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