The 5 Types of People Who Need a Knitting Subscription Box (and 2 Who Probably Don't)

Believe it or not, we don't want EVERYONE to join our knitting kit subscription club.

First of all, how could we keep up with the inventory? :)

After shipping hundreds of kits to our satisfied customers, I've noticed trends in the types of knitters who love our subscription boxes the most.

You need a knitting subscription box if...


1. You're a nurse, teacher, or in customer service.

Caring for your patients, students, or customers all day long takes a toll. (I know from experience here. I was a teacher for several years and couldn't take the heat! I found office work much more soothing... plus we were allowed to take bathroom breaks when we needed them... LOL)

Not only is knitting a soothing respite during (rare) work breaks and at home, but your patients/students/customers will love seeing you knit. It's a great conversation starter and connection maker. 

Mom and dad smooch their baby

2. You're a parent.

We know how cute those subscription boxes for kids can be. Well, Mom and Dad deserve nice things too! Parents sacrifice so much for their children. It's setting a good example for your kids to treat yourself kindly and generously.

3. You're going through a tough time.

One of our newest members recently lost everything in a house fire. (Her family, thank goodness, are healthy and safe.) This knitter's ride-or-die besties combined forces and bought her a 6-month deluxe subscription, needles included, so she can enjoy some much-needed normalcy in her life.

Puppy with a broken foreleg

4. You're having physical or mental health issues.

Raising my hand on this one too! It's no exaggeration to say that knitting saved my life. I knit through my pregnancy, through severe post-partum depression, and through the very confusing, upsetting time before I was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

It's hard to beat the combination of a beautiful project, the meditative, repetitive motion of the needles, and the sweet self-care goodies we tuck into each box.

Knitting is also a stalwart companion when loved ones are sick, struggling, or in the hospital. I knit my way through my Dad's hospitalizations, and knit my way through months of grief after he passed. When Mom had her knees replaced (I call her the Bionic Woman now!) I knitted in the waiting room.

5. You're ready to celebrate!

Did you know that you can give a knitting kit subscription to someone else? We'll add a gift message, too - just let me know what you'd like the message to say. 

We've sent knitting kits to celebrate birthdays, retirements, Christmas, and Mother's Day; we've sent kits across the Atlantic Ocean to faraway friends; and one bride gave kits as thank-you gifts to her bridal party. Another enclosed a message that read "Thank you for helping me move!"

Every time I think I've seen all the gift variations, our customers surprise me. 

 I'm ready to join the Subscription Box club!

...and 2 Types of People Who Probably Shouldn't Subscribe 😊

Tangled yarn video 


1. You've never knitted before.

We love our brand-new beginners! (Do you want to learn to knit? We have a line of kits just for you.)

Our knitting kit subscription is best for "adventurous beginners" and beyond.

If you can cast on, knit, purl, and bind off, you'll have success with our projects. We demonstrate unusual techniques with video tutorials that accompany each pattern. 

2. You only knit using cotton yarn (or a certain color yarn, or a certain brand, or...)

The Spinning Hand knitting subscription box club is like a yarn tasting, or a tour around the world of luxury yarns. Each month will vary with regard to project type, yarn thickness, color, fiber content, and more! If you are a dye-hard (#sorrynotsorry) sock knitter, for example, and are perfectly content to make the same pattern over and over, this club is not for you. (But we'd like to order a pair of socks, please!)



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